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Fabiola Conceicao


MSc; MBA; BA (Hon); DPSI (Law); CELTA

Linguistics professional and private English tutor with over eighteen years’ experience in the legal, financial, academic and business sectors. 

I offer bespoke English as a second language (ESL) tutoring and coaching to business professionals and post graduate, M.A. and PHD students, as well as English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Tuition is tailored to each student's personal level, needs, goals and academic and business requirements.

I also provide Portuguese - English interpreting and translation services to institutions throughout the UK.

(ESL) English Tutoring


Bespoke English as a second language (ESL) coaching for business professionals and tutoring for students to achieve academic improvement (English for Academic Purposes - EAP). 

I provide personalized and professional English tuition across the UK tailored to the individual needs of the client seeking to attain English expertise in the specific fields of academia and business.

I also offer one to one tuition to students who require expert coaching to support them whilst studying and/or to gain entry to British universities and higher education institutions.

Interpreting and Translation Portuguese and English


I provide expert and experienced Portuguese - English interpreting and translation services across the UK with over 7 years’ experience in legal, private, business and public situations, offering a wealth of sector specific linguistic knowledge.



Arina - Russia

"(English) became a pleasure for me and I liked to learn, write, listen and speak in English. Fabiola changed my opinion about English."

Sadiye - Turkey

"This summer, when I went to London I was a bit worried until I met with Fabi. She was so inspiring and understanding , she answered all my questions and taught every single thing very carerefully and memorably."

Dodds Solicitors

"She is personable and friendly in communications with members of the firm and with the clients, making them feel comfortable and at ease."

Portsmouth Crown Court

"Professional, courteous, indispensable, in all respects above and beyond what was expected and was invaluable."

Bianca - Brazil

"Fabiola is able to gauge the needs of students and provide the strategy that best suits them, she is responsible and quite firm when the student needs a push and I totally recommend Fabiola as a tutor!"

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Fabiola Conceicao


(44) 07895676123

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